About this Podcast

I am producing this podcast to boost and advance the value of librarians. I interview guests who have master’s degrees in library and information science. My guests are leading large library-related organizations or have taken their skills to industry or have started their own businesses. My guests are changing the paradigm on how we perceive the value of librarians’ skills and on recognizing the value that library leaders bring to the table.

I have worked in leadership roles in corporate, public and academic libraries. I also owned a freelance research business. I have held leadership roles in professional associations. I love the business of libraries. The Librarian Linkover podcast is showing that our skills can be used in any setting. The Librarian Linkover is changing the way hiring managers view our skills and giving librarians more employment options to consider.

Thank you to my extraordinary mentors Marlene Vogelsang, Jan Chindlund and Deb Hunt for all of the support and input you have given me throughout my career. I value ALL of the many, many conversations we’ve had at conference, in person and online. I have learned a lot by watching you lead, as well as by working with you on occasion. When I asked for some brainstorming and wordsmithing for the direction and name of this podcast, we were all on a Zoom call within 24 hours. When I pay it forward with co-workers, students or colleagues, I do it with you in mind.

Lorene Kennard, MLIS


March 2021


Land acknowledgement

The land where I live in northern Illinois is the traditional land of the Piankshawa, Illini and Potawatomi people. Chief Shabbona, a Potawatomi Chief, is buried in a cemetery in my town.

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